Are you planning on building a deck? Are you a deck builder in the Toronto or surrounding area? If so GoliathTech helical screw piles are a perfect choice for the foundation of your next deck project. Your clients hired you for a reason! Now provide them with the best solution for their deck foundations! To learn more about other residential applications other than decks click here!

Who we are and why we know Helical Screw Piles are the right choice for your deck!
(Warning this is a bit of a read....but well worth it!)
First a little about who we are......."Your Deck Company" is a certified installer of the GoliathTech helical system. For over 30 years Your Deck Company has been crafting custom decks in the Toronto and surrounding area. Additionally we have been featured on the cover of countless magazines and numerous TV shows such as "Love it or List it", "Marilyn Denis", "Tori and Dean- Cabin Fever", "My Parents House" and several others. Along with recieving several awards for our deck designs. We have also been contracted to train the staff of several companies such as Home Depot on the fundamentals of deck construction. Additionally Your Deck Company is the largest installer of Trex decking in Eastern Canada.

Why we ended up choosing GoliathTech for our clients projects.
For years we were looking for a solution to the issues we were having with concrete foundations. Thru research and education we compaired helical manufacturers and found GoilathTech to be the best overall product and solved all of our issues with concrete. At "Your Deck Company" we are only interested in offering our clients the best available products at all times. There were many factors as to why GoliathTech is the better choice however 3 main factors were immediately evident as to why GoliathTech is better.

  1. The biggest factor is that the GoliathTech connecting head is actually bolted to the pipe of the helical pile. The other manufacurers simply rest thier head on top using a washer and nut? As a result GoliathTech offers full uplift resistance and the head is not wobbly when you are working.
  2. GoliathTech Piles are thermally insulated. This insulation is added free of charge at the factory. It is not an extra fee and added on site with a generic spray foam can of insulation. The insulation is an important factor because it stops water and cold air from reaching the bottom of the pile and freezing.
  3. GoliathTech uses stronger steel. GoliathTech uses a 60KSI steel vs the competitors that use a 50KSI steel for their products. Additionally the GoliathTech system is fully galvanized.
   Competitors unbolted head
      GoliathTech bolted head 
Secure head connection for GoliathTech helical screw pile
       GoliathTech insulated pile
GoliathTech thermally insulated helical pile
trex deck builder in toronto Your Deck Company
Trex Deck constructed by Your Deck Company
An overview of the GoliathTech Piles and installation.
Now a little about why you should use GoliathTech helical screw piles for your next Deck project.
I am sure by now you have guessed that we know a few things about decks and what are the best methods for building a deck. As mentioned for over 30 years Your Deck Company has been installing decks and initially the cost of helical screw piles for a deck may seem high. However once you take into account the speed, lack of soil to be removed, no need for a disposal bin, faster production time, no messy concrete and no damage due to frost. You will see that GoliathTech piles are the best choice for a deck foundation. Regardless of the type of materials we used to build the deck with they all needed to start with a solid foundation. For a long time concrete foundations were our only option. The issues we have with traditional concrete foundations other than frost heaving are initially fairly obvious, such as:

  1. The physical labour to dig the hole. Even if a machine was used you still need to dig and clean the loose dirt out of the hole and hope the bottom is not full of water. This is time consuming and tiring.
  2. Install your rebar for the foundation.
  3. Mixing the concrete and keeping the mess to a minimum can be a challenge depending on the weather.
  4. If you brought in a concrete truck you still need to get the concrete into the backyard and that is still no easy task and it is till pretty messy.
  5. WAIT.......you need to wait for the building inspector to show up before you can pour any concrete. He needs to inspect your foundations to see if they are deep enough to meet the building code.
  6. After the concrete has been poured and finished of. Now as I am sure you are well aware. You now need to get a disposal bin and get rid of all of the excess soil that came out of the hole. Handle the soil for a second time and get it out of the yard into the bin.
  7. Now you have to wait a few days for the concrete to cure enough so that you can start building.
  8. After all of this you now hope that even though you have done everthing right...you hope your foundation does not heave from the frost.

The not so obvious problem with concrete foundations!

Now those are the obvious pitfalls of using concrete. There is one major issue that is rarely discussed and commonly overlooked. The main issue that is overlooked is the soil conditions that you are putting your foundations on. Unfortunatly the building code only requires you to dig down a certain depth and that is it. Well the issue is we have NO idea of what the bearing capacity of that soil is at the bottom of the hole. So even if you have installed what would be considered the correct size foundation. Unless you have a Geo survey done for the soil conditions, you really have no idea if the soil is actually capable of holding up your project. So as a result we often oversize our foundations and hope for the best. Have you ever wondered why over the last few years municipalities have been increasing the size of the foundations for  your decks? Well what I explained above is the exact reason.
The cost of decks has increased dramatically over the last few decades. The materials are better and the options are endless. Bottom line is that people are investing large amounts into their backyards and for only a small increase in cost you can offer a solid, certified, precise foundation option with GoliathTech that will carry the load and not have any damage due to frost.

How does a GoliathTech pile solve the problem of soil bearing capacity?

It is simple and certified. When we install a GoliathTech pile, we are continually digitally monitoring the torque values that are being created while the pile is being screwed into the ground. Much like when you install a screw into wood. The deeper you go the tougher it gets to install that screw into the wood therefore the higher torque it takes to install that screw. With a Helical Screw Pile, higher torque equates to higher load capacity. So if for example you tell me that you need to have a single pile carry a load of 5000 lbs I would then install our pile to a depth that generates enough torque to provide 5000 lbs of load bearing capacity. We now know with certainty that your foundation will carry the load of your project. All of our torque values are digitally monitored and recorded. We take the guesswork out of your foundations.

Now how can a GoliathTech Helical Screw Pile benefit your deck project?

As mentioned previously as a company we were looking for a solution to the issues we had with traditional concrete foundations. We needed to offer our clients something better and stronger. GoliathTech was able to solve every one of our problems. It became an easy and obvious choice to switch over to using GoliathTech Screw Piles for our decks. Now we are a certified installer for GoliathTech.

  1. Installation is fast and requires far less labour.
  2. We are not slowed down by the weather.
  3. There is NO loose dirt to clean up after we are finished. Saving time and money on soil disposal.
  4. You do not have to wait for a building inspector to show up. There is no foundation inspection required. We certify the information for every screw pile that is installed including the Load Capacity for each pile.
  5. You can start building as soon as the last pile is installed.
  6. There are no issues with frost heaving.
  7. Faster job completion and more decks built each year.
Your clients hired you for a reason. Now provide them with the best solution for their deck foundations.

GoliathTech Simplifies Foundations!

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